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Sunday Spiritual: 8/16 – Don’t Choose to be a Fool

praying_handsHow’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday? I’m great…got a good night’s sleep, and woke up with an idea that may be a complete success or utter failure. During the introduction to Da Fif I said to expect the unexpected here. We may say some things you will agree with, and others you may not. We may also delve into talk about how sexy someone is one day, and religion the next. Well, today is the day we’ll talk about religion. Better yet, today is the day I’ll bring up religion. Depending upon the response, I may do this again.

In church before a minister gives his sermon, he takes you through the text he’s covering and also drops a title for his sermon. I’m no preacher, and I don’t pretend to be. But I’d like to incorporate some of their style into this blog so bare with me.

A lot of people say, in order to understand the present, you first have look to the past. So that’s what I want to do today. And what better way to do than to look at our origin. Let’s look at the very beginning of the human race, in the first book of Moses.

Text: Genesis 3: 1-19

Don’t Choose to Be a Fool

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have everything you could ever dream of? I know I have. I’d love to live in a world where I don’t have to wonder if the shady looking character walking past me is going to do me harm, or if the economy will recover soon. I can’t imagine that kind of place but it once existed. Adam and Eve lived in paradise where all living creatures lived in perfect harmony. There were no worries, insecurities, or even unhappiness. They literally had it all. And all God asked in return was that they to comply with one rule, don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

God could’ve easily prevented Adam and Eve from ever eating the forbidden fruit. But he wanted to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves, whether they wanted to obey him, or give into the temptation and curiosity placed before them by Satan. As expected, Satan played on Eve’s natural greed, promising she’d become a god if she disobeyed the Lord’s wishes. Eve chose to sin and Adam followed suit. By eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve changed the course of history, and how we live our lives today.

Look at the society we live in today. A lot of what goes on in the world today, can all be traced back to Adam and Eve’s transgression. We have a choice to the follow the laws set forth by our government. I don’t agree with most laws but they’re there. Whether it’s as small as downloading music off the internet, or as major as taking another person’s life, we voluntarily decide to live on the wrong side of the law. And like Adam and Eve we’re punished accordingly.

Michael Vick is a prime example of what happens when you put greed before the Lord. Wouldn’t you say he had it all? He was one of the highest paid players in the NFL, as well as the most popular amongst fans. But instead of choosing to be content with what the Lord blessed him with, he wanted to live on the edge. He wanted to test the boundaries set for us by laws. Rather than loving the animal known as man’s best friend, he chose to treat them cruelly. Murdering poor defenseless animals cost him everything. He lost his money and his freedom. Until the day he dies he will be known as the man who wet down dogs and electrocuted them.   

There’s nothing like the love of God though. Despite all the sins and crimes this man committed, God never gave up on Vick. Vick has appeared remorseful, and a changed man thanks to his time in prison. And he’s getting his 2nd chance to live his life the way the Lord sees fit. The Philadelphia Eagles are giving this man the chance to redeem his playing career, and the Humane Society is providing him with an outlet to help convince children not to make some of the choices he’s made in his past. That’s God’s love in action, allowing this man to make amends for his wrong doings. What happens next is up to Vick. As long as he chooses to abide by God’s rules, he’ll be okay. If not, I’d hate to see what else he could lose.

In closing, I hope that you all got the point I was trying to make. We control our own destiny. The choices made today effect the way our lives are tomorrow. Trust in the Lord and his word, and you will prosper. Choosing not to follow God’s rules has its consequences. Choose wisely, and don’t choose to be a fool.


Lyrical Insomnia


Have you ever listened to a song, and wondered if the artist was perched on a tree outside your window when they wrote it? That’s where I am right now. A female friend told me to check out the song Someone, by Musiq Soulchild. She had blasted it a couple times that day and figured she’d drop some much needed R&B in my life. As in most cases like this, I already had that particular album, but never really listened to it. Man, I wish I had listened to the song before now cause it’s left a brotha’s mind in knots.

Maybe “knots” is a bit over dramatic, but it’s damn near close. When I listen to music, the beat or lyrical content has to be on point, if not, I’m not feeling it. By lyrical content I mean, thought provoking lyrics that bring you inside the artist’s mind, and prompt you to “compare notes” so to speak, with your own life. I’m sure any man like me who hasn’t had much success when it comes to love, or even kats that have already found that special lady, can really identify with this song.

Here are the lyrics that really stood out to me the most.

  • See I always hope for a woman that’s so sure, emotionally secure, with spiritual faith. – If I’ve given you the pleasure of getting to know the real me, then you know how strong I feel about my relationship with the big man upstairs. The problem I often find with women is that they’re either spiritual weaklings, or just “go to church”. I’m not the church every week type, and can count on my hands how many times I go in a year. So when I ask a woman how she feels about God, and her response is, “I go to church.”, I’m out. Cause any true believer of the Word knows that spiritual growth starts in your own private time, and church is more like icing on the cake. The answer I’m still waiting for is, “I love the Lord, and can’t imagine where my life would be without him.” It’s emphatic and shows how confident she is in her faith and herself.
  • A woman that I can trust with all of my secrets, and even listen to all of my issues. – I trust about as often as I change dogs, and I’ve only had 4 dogs in my lifetime. So to say that I have trust issues is an understatement. I’ve seen where trusting the wrong women has gotten friends and male family members of mine. They’re broken-hearted, single, and either owe their ex’s alimony or child support. I’m not looking to follow in their footsteps so I have to trust selectively. But like every man out there, I’m looking for that woman who can break through the wall I have surrounding me.
  • Someone who will put up with the things, loving me can bring, but still be there to see us through. – Let me bring you inside my head for a moment. I’m a bit apprehensive when it comes anyone, especially women. Blame it on my upbringing, or past endeavors of the heart. But dealing with me is like driving backwards in traffic, one misstep and you’re royally screwed. Yes, I’m an ass sometimes, but I openly admit that. However, I don’t play games, but I will test the hell out of a woman. It’s never on purpose but I tend to push away them away just to see if they’ll stick around. I’ve had a couple who’ve let me know that they weren’t going anywhere, and that’s what I’m looking for.
  • All that I hope for a friendship that’s so pure, a girl I can talk to bout, whatever is on my heart. – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone tell me that they could never date a friend, yet they want their significant other to be their friend once the relationship is serious. Those same people are single again after their plan blew up in their faces. If I can’t be friends with a woman from the start, I’m pretty sure things won’t work out. There’s a level of familiarity when you date a friend, and the potential to love that person is there because you know them & they know you so well. And the fact that you can talk to them openly is a major plus. Why waste time getting to know a stranger, when you can skip that process by dating someone who you don’t have to wait to bare your soul to.
  • A woman who bares her soul, who is willing to let go. That wants me to lead her but knows how to take control. – I have this thing about a woman not holding back with me, before I’ll return the sentiment. But you do have those women who are only as open as you are, and that’ll never work with me. And I could take the 2nd half of this lyric from a sexual perspective, but I wanna look at it more from a teamwork standpoint. The success of a team is based on how well the pieces compliment each other. I don’t know everything, and I’ve never claimed that I did. Having a woman whose strengths compensate for my weaknesses, seems ideal to me. As a man I want to take charge of most situations, but as a real man, I have no problem deferring to my woman when it’s in our best interest.

As you can tell, “Someone” really got the gears in my mind turning. It’s had somewhat of a double edged sword effect for me. While I wanna believe there are women out there that fit the description in the song, I know I’m gonna find myself using the lyrics as a checklist for women past and present in my life. It might be a good thing, then again it could be utterly terrible. No matter what, I’m gonna continue to be so crunk, yet so humble. And when that “someone” does come, I might keep her around.

For your listening pleasure……


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