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Buccaneers vs. Redskins Fan Preview


We normally don’t preview any games here, but this week is a bit different. For the first time in our friendship, Lady and I get to see our two favorite teams pitted against each other. While we’ve been on the opposite sides of battle before in college basketball (I think Vasquez is being locked down by Memphis), there’s more passion this time around. There’s something about football that brings the best and worst of us all. This week has been rather pleasant considering the Bucs are whooping some Redskin ass tomorrow. But Lady and I finally discussed the game the other night through instant messages. Instead of writing up some big preview, we’re going to let you into our convo. And before anyone hits me up about this, yes…she owned me. I’m use to it by now.

Like most of our convos we’re all over the place. Hopefully, you can keep us…we barely did.


Crunk: I’m saying it right now, our offense is putting up atleast 24 on yall. We got Cadillac running the ball like a heavy Chevy. Derrick Ward weeding his way thru defenders, and our offensive line may be banged up but it’s the Skins. All yall got is Haynesworth.

Lady: What makes you think that? We might give up yards, but we haven’t given up many points. 16(offense) to NY away. 7 to the Rams at home and 19 to Detroit away.

Crunk: 19 to the Lions…we’re better than the Lions

Lady: Ok, you just named your two backs, but your running game is ranked 25th, lol

Lady: It is? lol

Crunk: The Giants were still figuring out what they were doing. And if I remember correctly, didn’t Steve Smith drop some balls in that game?

Crunk: Stats mean nothing. We had a bad game against the Giants with a bunch of injuries on offense.


Lady: The Giants didn’t need to figure out anything. It wasn’t like their offense was new.

Lady: booo.

Lady: And no he didnt drop enough to make a difference.

Crunk: They needed to figure out their receivers. You don’t replace a Plaxico Burress and Armani Toomer in the preaseason.

Lady: Lol @ well dressed armani

Crunk: Yea, gotta love Berman…NOT!

Lady: lol

Crunk: Real talk, you can’t even compare our offense to Detroit.

Lady: Again, there was nothing to figure out. Seemed like they knew what they were doing to me. lol. Manningham had a good game.

Crunk: Our running game will be at full strength Sunday, and that’s gonna open things up for our receivers. I feel bad for Orakho cause we’re gonna rape him Sunday.


Lady: Josh Johnson is basically a rookie. Matt Stafford has more starts than him. Kevin Smith is comparable to Caddy. Calvin Johnson is one of the best receivers in the league.

Lady: Stop callin him Orakho.

Crunk: Kevin Smith is no Caddy

Lady: What’s the difference between the offense that put up 86 yards last week, compared to this week, aside from the opposition?

Lady: I never said he was Caddy, but he’s comparable. Both tough runners.

Crunk: Caddy is a beast when he’s healthy. He’s added some new dimensions to his game this year. He’s better at catching the ball out the backfield, and picking up the occasion blitz.

Crunk: It’s the QB. Byron Leftwich has gotten progressively worse each of his 3 starts. Throw out the stats. If you looked at the stats you’d think he was having a pretty good year. The dude was missing wide open receivers and placing the ball in spots they couldn’t do anything with. Plus the guy is a statue with a long windup.


Lady: That’s all good and well, but what has he done for you this year? He had a good game against Dallass, but they’ve been weak against the run so far.

Lady: He played great against the Skins when he was with the Steelers. The Bucs should stay with him for this week, lol. Josh Johnson is an unknown. He played terribly last week and you’re depending on him to put up 24 in an away game in his first start?

Crunk: Josh is one of the 4 or 5 most athletic players on our team. He’s gonna go out there and show you his accuracy, mobility, and his ability to lead this offense. He didn’t play terrible last week. The kid came in and led the offense down the field. If Michael Clayton hadn’t dropped a for sure TD pas, You’d be singing a different tune.

Lady: Ok, fine. Y’all would’ve just lost 24-7, lol.

Crunk: I could start for the Bucs and beat yall. All I have to do hand off the ball, and when it’s time to pass, find #98. That would be cadence. “ALL DAY 98!!!!”


Lady: I’m sure Josh is talented and athletic and all that good stuff, but he is essentially a rookie. And starting on the road. The one thing the Redskins defense hasn’t done has gotten pressure on the QB but word is, Zorn talked with our DC this week and told him we need to be more aggressive, i.e…..blitz more. If we put #98 at DE we’re he is SUPPOSED to be, he’ll find your boy JJ. Please believe it.

Lady: And I’d like to see Josh scramble up the middle and take a hit from London Fletcher, the leading tackler in the league. Just ask Brandon Jacobs.

Crunk: Only thing Orakho can find is the back of our jerseys cause we’re running past his ass on every pass play. London Fletcher still plays football?

Lady: Whatever.

Lady: And yes, London still plays football. And he’s been a beast again this year. You’ll find his pic in the record books, right next to Ronde……and Jesus.

Redskins Maverick Defense

Crunk: Yea…whose HOF resume looks better…Fletcher or Ronde. Shhhhh….shots fire!!!!

Lady: Ehhh who cares. London is a beast and deserves HOF consideration. He’s been slighted for Pro Bowls all his career. He played on a Super Bowl runner up. Would Ronde still be in the same boat if the Bucs didn’t win the SB?

Lady: Just ask the Rams and Bills how much their defense missed him when he left.

Crunk: And ask the Bills what he did while he was there, right?

Crunk: I’m afraid of two kats on that defense, Haynesworth and Landy. We’re still beat up on the o-line and we are starting a rookie. If Josh finds a way to combat the nerves, I like his chances.

Lady: Even without being 100%, Haynesworth will destroy your O Line. Sorry.

Redskins Maverick Defense

Lady: Landry will light someone up, no doubt. He’s gotta tackle better though. He’s so used to just throwing his body around as he goes about his self-proclaimed “Suicide Mission”

Crunk: You give me a healthy Jeff Faine and Aarons Sears not losing his damn mind, Haynesworth wouldn’t penetrate a dam thing.

Lady: But they’re not there. You were saying?…….

Crunk: I’m confident in what we’re bringing to the table on offense. I’m not sure what Skins are planning to do. Will there be more screen passes? lol


Lady: Lol. We only do the screen play on 3rd and 18.

Lady: I’m not even sure what the game plan will be for this weekend, but what I do know is that we have to get the running game back on track. We’ve passed the ball 65% of the time this year. That’s not us. That’s not Redskins football. Part of that is playcalling, but part of that is also from playing from behind. Clinton Portis has been saying all week, that he plans to break out sooner than later. Why not this week?

Crunk: Uh huh, I refuse to defend the 31st ranked defense. I can blame on Jim Bates scheme but I won’t. This is a personnel move that’s why I admit their undermanned.


Lady: Redskins: 27 Bucs:13

Crunk: Bucs 27 Redskins 24

There you go. Two passionate fans with unrealistic views of their teams, is there anything better than that? Check back in to see which of us is right. I’m sure the loser will have a lot to say.


10 Things I learned from NFL Week 2


Okay, okay…I know it’s a little late in the week to be talking about what happened in week two. Well, I don’t really care about that because I promised you’d see my week two findings, and dammit that’s what’s going to happen. So here goes.

Saints Eagles Football

10. Reggie Bush still plays for the Saints. – The hype that surrounded this kid coming out of USC was preposterous. He hadn’t played a game and BSPN was already anointing him as the next Gale Sayers. Now he’s in his fourth season and can’t beat out Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas for the starting job. I’m no Reggie fan, but I feel sorry for the kid. He’s had a more interesting love life than NFL career. Some would say that a win in its own right. I on the other hand call it a life lesson, other young NFL prospects should take a look at Reggie, and try to avoid believing their own headlines because there nothing more than that…headlines.

On they give out game balls, a key stat, noteworthy tidbit, and when they believe the game was over. Well, for Sunday’s Saints/Eagles game they said it was over when Reggie reached the endzone for the first time this season, on a 19 yd TD that put the Saints up by 21. I guess you could say Reggie’s hype was over when he was relegated to Mike Bell’s backup. Hope you saved that Subway money, Reggie.

9. Redskins fans are dimwits. – I never knew Redskins fans were dimwits. The ones I’ve come across are quite knowledgeable and insightful on the state of their team. Skins LB Robert Henson seems to think differently. After the Skins failed to reach the endzone against the hopeless Rams, Skins fans booed their beloved team because of their lackluster performance. Henson took offense and hit the twitter-waves saying,

All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go there but I dislike you very strongly, don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!

Since when did someone who didn’t step on the field once in that game, get to call out his team’s fans? I saw more action Sunday than Henson, and I sat my fat ass on the couch while watching football all day. Where’s my million dollar contract? I could cheer on my teammates just as well as Henson can. Hell, I can give a better high five than that scrub, in my sleep. Rob, let me drop some knowledge on you. Those dimwits who you say “work 9-5 at McDonald’s”, spend their hard earned money to pay your salary. So I guess you could call them your boss. Your fellow employees, who are actually contributing to the outcome of a game, can say the things you said because they have opportunities to get back on their boss’s good side. Unfortunately you don’t have those opportunities so you’re left to be your boss’s bitch for the rest of the year. Hmm…who sounds like the “dim wit” now?

8. Tiger’s a groupie. – Who is Tiger Woods a fan of? Wasn’t he a Bucs fan last year? So why in the hell was he on the Colts sideline sporting a blue Nike shirt? Let me tell you who Tiger really is. He is to the NFL, what Alyssa Milano was to baseball. He sees someone is pretty good, and he “dates” them. He dated Jon Gruden last year, and this year it looks like Peyton is his new crush. If Drew Brees keeps putting up mind blowing stats, Tiger might be try show Drew his 9 iron next year. NFL fans, don’t feed the Tiger or get your hopes up that he really cares about your team. You’ll only look silly the following season.

Buccaneers Bills Football

7. You don’t have to be explosive to have the 4th ranked offense. – To my surprise the Bucs have the 4th best offense in the NFL, according to total yards. The problem with total yards is they don’t take into consideration what those yards produce. You can compile 99 yards on a drive, and they’re meaningless if you don’t get that last yard to get you in the endzone. So far this season the Bucs have averaged 20.5 points a game. That’s 13th best in the NFL, which means they’re a top 4 offense that 12 other teams are more explosive than. Total yards rankings are fraudulent. I base the best offense on points. And according to that stat, the Bucs are impressive, but they are no where near the “4th ranked” offense. So while Raheem is retooling the defense, there is still room for improvement on the other side of the ball.

6. Frank Gore has the worst luck. – Frank Gore is one of my favorite former Miami Hurricanes, due to the fact that ever time he steps on the field, I think back to what he’s endured to get where he is. Sunday he was on pace to have a career game, and challenge Adrian Peterson’s single game rushing record. Sadly, he was pulled after suffering a right ankle sprain. It seems like the story of his football career is some sort of injury or tragedy derails him once he gets going. It happened at Miami when he beat out Wills McGahee for the starting job, but had to sit out the season due to a torn ACL. Then when he was coming off a breakout season for the Niners, he loses his mom. It just seems like when something good happens for him, bad things happen as well. Hopefully his luck will change soon.

5. Ocho-Gate 2009 has begun. – In case you missed it, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson promised he’s do a Lambeau Leap, if he scored a touchdown Sunday. He made good on his promise, as you can see in the video.

It turns out those Bengals fans whose arms Chad leaped into, where planted there. Chad paid for their trip to Green Bay and gave them those tickets. Clever move by Chad, but he’s left himself open to criticism. How did he know he would score in that endzone? And at any point did he dog it so he could only score at that end of the field? Two questions you’ll hear asked on the sports radio shows but I could care less about them. Chad is a breath of fresh air. It’s great to have him back to entertaining us and saving us from the No Fun League.

4. Peyton should star in Mission Impossible IV. – That’s essentially what Peyton did, right? The Colts had it 15 mins to score 24 points, and put up 27.  If I’m Chad Pennington I’m wondering what more I can do to win this game. When you control time of possession and score 23 points. You’d expect your defense to hold your opponents to 22 or less. That wasn’t the case Monday night. The Dolphins were very poor in their clock management in the 4th quarter, while Peyton was as cool as a breeze. You could say he was throughout the entire game. He hit his receivers in stride and allowed them to pick up huge chucks of yardage with each play. In the second h they had the ball a grand total of 13 plays. Thirteen plays lead to 14 points. You can’t be much more efficient than that. Now, if we could only get Peyton’s head thru the ceiling without setting off any alarms.


3. Despite losing, the Titans have the bigger Johnson. – Yea, I know I’m not the only one who heard Keith Olbermann ask who had the bigger Johnson. Well Keith, it’s the Titans because Chris Johnson is a man beast. No disrespect to Andre Johnson, but Chris was putting in work Sunday. He made the Texans defense look silly. I don’t know who scripted their defensive gameplan, but that bad boy was thrown out by the 3rd quarter. At one point the Titans lined Chris Johnson out at receiver and the Texans didn’t seem to notice it. With a mistake like that, little man took it to the house for 6. All day it was the same thing over and over again. Chris Johnson would see a lane and thrash the Texans with his world class speed. So after Sunday I’m on the sipping the Chris Johnson lemonade. Want a glass?

2. The only W in the Cowboys Stadium was George Bush. – For months and even years we’ve heard about this billion dollar stadium Jerry Jones was building for America’s former team. Sunday the Cowboys opened their first regular season game in Jerryland. It was quite the spectacle. Lebrick (Lebron) James was out there tossing the ball around like he’s a real Cowboys fans (look up follower in the dictionary…20 bucks says Lebrick’s picture pops up). Former Cowboy greats were strolled around wearing these jackets with a wack ass emblem on them. Jerry even had former President George Bush do the ceremonial coin toss. Let’s not forget the team walked out on the field with a light & smoke show worthy of a rock concert. Everything was perfect; except for one thing…the Giants won the game. $1.15 billion can buy you a luxurious stadium and celeb followers. But it damn sure can buy you a win. How about them Cowboys!?

On Football Rex Appeal

1. Rex Ryan isn’t the moron I thought he was. – Heading into the season, did anyone else think the Jets defense wouldn’t be much improved from last year? Hiring Rex Ryan was supposed to elevate this defense into the upper echelon of the league…at least that’s what the media wanted you to believe. I on the other hand thought Rex would join Marvin Lewis and Mike Nolan as defensive coordinators Ray Lewis made. Boy was I wrong about that one. Rex has earned my respect after two weeks of flat out dissecting two very good offenses.

Originally I didn’t pay attention to the win over the Texans because Houston struggled during the preseason, and there seemed to be some carry over there. But two things happened in week two to change my opinion. One, the Texans went to Tennessee and put up 34 points on a physical Titans defense. So the Jets holding their offense to 7 points, in Houston, looks much more impressive. The second thing was they duplicated their week one performance and got in Tom Brady’s ass every play. How many variations of the same blitz did Ryan confuse with Brady with?

I don’t even know what you call the Jets scheme. It could be a 3-4, 4-3, 46, 69, I don’t know. Whatever is it, it will get in your ass, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So for the rest of the offenses on the Jets schedule, there’s a good chance you’ll be yelling a 4 letter R-word that rhymes with grape. Get ready for it buddy because there’s not much you can do about it.

Highlight of the week

Check back for week 3 folks.


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