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Flashback Friday – 1/1/2010 – Songs From 2000-2009

Happy Friday and Happy New Year All! I could start this blog of by giving you all a bunch of cliche sayings and advice for heading into the new year, but ain’t nobody tryna hear alllllllll that anymore! Lol. I could’ve just gone back to posting a bunch of old school videos like normal, especially since I can now add songs that came out in 2000 since they’re now technically and officially 10 years old now, but I decided to just randomly post up a handful of songs that I like or love that were released in the last decade from the year 2000-2009.  Now, I realize that I could’ve dissected the last decade of music, really analyzed and picked 5 songs that maybe inspired or shaped Hip Hop and R&B but that would’ve taken darn near forever and I don’t have that much time, lol. So with that said– at random, today’s blog features songs from Alicia Keys, Beyonce, India Arie, Jay-Z and Kanye West. I don’t wanna hear any crap about Jay-Z being washed up and Kanye being a crazy, controversial bag of douche or how Alicia and Beyonce should take their R&B beef to a wrestling ring. So please just enjoy these randomly selected songs from a decade past and take a minute to vote, suggest and comment on the blog.  Have a blessed weekend and new year! 🙂

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Alicia Keys – Fallin (2001)

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Beyonce – Me, Myself & I (2003)

India Arie – Ready For Love (2000)

Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss (2002)

Kanye West – Jesus Walks (2004)


Flashback Friday – 5/8

DFF_FF_longHappy Friday everyone! Chances are, you’re sitting behind a desk at work or at school, the sun is shining and you’re counting down the minutes until you go home. This is why I do what I do–hopefully putting y’all in a good mood with a few songs to help pass the time–even if only six people pay attention, lol. This is third week of me acting as an amateur video DJ and I’ve been having fun just throwing some throwbacks out there, not knowing what five videos I’m going to post up next.  Don’t forget to leave comment, request a song for next week and vote on your favorite “FF” video of the day. Enjoy today’s songs and have a wonderful Friday! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Jay-Z –  Dead Presidents

Force M.D.’s – Tender Love

Gina Thompson – The Things You Do

Outkast – Southernplayalisticadillacmusik

Portrait – Here We Go


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