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How Being A Redskins Fan Can Prepare You For Marriage

skins_facepalmOk, so I’ve never been married and I can’t claim to know all there is about being married. I hope to be one day in the distant future, so learning all I can now about how to be happy and sustain a successful marriage will be better for me and my future spouse (whoever that lucky man may be, *smile*) in the long run. What I do know is that if I love him half as much as I love my favorite football team, the Washington Redskins, he will never have to worry about a thing. And yes, I said the Washington Redskins. The same team that just lost to Detroit Lions, who were on a 19 game losing streak over the past two seasons prior to them defeating us 19-14 this past weekend.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die hard, lifelong Redskins fan, but our relationship has become strained as of late. Between a clueless owner and coaches, a handful of players who aren’t giving their all on the field every play and a backup linebacker calling some of us dim wits for booing a half-hearted effort during a nail biting win over the lowly Rams, I’m  not so sure I’m feeling the love being returned.

My parents are Washingtonians, so I grew up cheering for this team and have never been a fan of any other team in my 27 years.  I have tons and tons of Redskins paraphernalia and season tickets that are out of my budget. I follow them all year around, not just during football season. I support them through the good times and the bad times; the ups and the downs. When game day comes, they get my full, undivided attention. Whenever fans of other teams try to put them down, no matter how much the team is struggling, I fight to the end to back up my team. I don’t flirt with any other teams and do what lots of other people do and have a “second” team. I do have a couple teams that I like and hope they do well, but we’re “just friends”. I even have friends of mine who tell me I need to ditch the ‘Skins because they aren’t winning and their teams are, but I dismiss that notion in a heartbeat with no hesitation. No other team can hurt me like the Redskins do when they lose and no other team can make me feel as good when they win.  I am deeply devoted and committed. So in essence, I feel like I’m married to the team.

I do all of this and what do I get in return? A 1-2 start to season that feels like its over already because of the lack of direction and identity the team has. I don’t even recognize them anymore. Things aren’t the way they used to be. I wish we could get back to how things used to be during the Joe Gibbs era that I grew up loving. The days of smash mouth football with John Riggins toting the rock, lead by The Hogs. Dominating defenses lead by Darrell Green and his tootsie rolls. The team is full of tradition, so if I have to, I’ll go back and watch old highlights of the good ‘ol days. It hurts to know that we’ve come to this point, but no matter how bad things get, I just can’t love another team or another sport the way I love Redskins football. No one ever said relationships or marriages are easy. But if its one thing I do know, its even when there seems to be no relief in sight for our problems, I have to love them harder, even when no one else believes in us. I already know I’m not going anywhere as a fan, so I won’t deny what team has my heart. As I was doing my daily reading of the Bible (or nightly reading since I’m a night owl), it was time to read 1 Corinthians 13, also known as, “ The Love Chapter”. In my reading, I came across a quote that applies to life and love in general, but also applied to the love I have for my team. It read, “It’s better to believe in someone and have your heart broken than to have no heart at all.” That ain’t nothing but the truth folks. I can’t help but root for my squad with all I have, no matter what. So the moral of the story is, when times get hard with something or someone you love, don’t quit on them. Remember what made you fall in love in the first place and love harder. I will say this though–with the way my favorite team is playing now, they’re sleeping on the couch until they get things turned around, lol. Hail To The Redskins! 😀



Sunday Spiritual 8/30: Humility – When Are You Gonna Pass the Damn Ball?


Text: Philippians 2:1-8 (King James Version)

1 If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies,

 2 Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

 3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

 4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

 5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

 6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

 7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:

 8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

When Are You Gonna Pass the Damn Ball?

After reading the title I bet you’re wondering, “Did he just say pass the damn ball?” That’s exactly what I said. Sometimes it takes a bold statement to grab the attention of those who may not be receptive to what you have to say. For example, look at Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’re not better or worse than any of us, but they get a bad rep because of the way they spread the Lord’s message. They go door to door or car to car dressed In their finest garments, passing out pamphlets and asking you to come to their church and partake in their fellowship. However when you see a Jehovah’s Witness walking in your neighborhood, what’s your first reaction? It’s usually to get to in the house as fast as you can and turn off all the lights so they’ll think no one is home. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of us aren’t open to exploring the religious teachings of a denomination we aren’t familiar with. Or we don’t feel like standing there while someone we know nothing about preaches the teachings of the Lord. Although I may be guilty of hiding a time or two, I respect what Jehovah’s witnesses represent. They are a perfect example of humility.

Far too often society confuses humility and humiliate for one another. When you take the time to look up these words, you see they’re distinct opposites. Humiliate is defined as reducing to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes. Yet humility means the quality or state of being humble. So with one word you’re allowing yourself to become a slave to your own insecurities and what you think other people will say about you. But with the other you show your strength and confidence. You show the world that you’re so comfortable in your own skin and own beliefs that what they have to say means nothing to you because your God accepts you for who you are. He accepts you for your faults. He accepts you for your mistakes in the past and the ones he knows you’re going to make in the future. But unlike society, or referred to in the Bible as “man”, God loves us unconditionally. How do we know this? Let’s read over the passages above again.

In the 2nd chapter of Philippians, the apostle Paul tries to stress to the Philippians that no matter the belief,  we must love one another and unite as one spirit for a greater purpose. In order to do so we must take the concerns of others and make them our own. You’re probably thinking you shouldn’t have to solve others problems when you may have problems of your own. Or you live by the saying, “You made your own bed, now you have to lie in it.” What if God had decided that we should pay for the sins of our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and so on? We’d all live in fear that when death came, we’d be judged on an unfair curve, based on actions we had no control over. But he didn’t abandon us or stay stuck in his ways. He was compassionate and wanted to save us from our sins. God decided that empathizing wasn’t enough. He also wanted to sympathize with us.

God understood the only way to truly sympathize with us would be to humble himself and see the world through human eyes. He could’ve come to us in the flesh with all the fanfare and hoopla of a son in a royal family. But he chose to be born into a virgin marriage and live amongst the common Jews. Furthermore he limited his knowledge and power so that he could convey the word of God, in human terms. In other words the Lord put himself in our shoes so that we’d use his life as an a blueprint for how we should live ours.

How often do we follow the blueprint God set for us?

Instead of putting others first and trying to come together as one people, we’re out here looking out for ourselves. It’s all about me, and what can I get for myself, and why am I not getting props for what I just did.  Christ didn’t walk around after he healed the epileptic child, and go, “Did yall see that? That kid was sick and I made him better on the spot. I’m on a whole other level. You can’t stop my shine.” Or did he tell everyone to kiss his feet, after he fed 5,000 people in a desert with two fish and five loaves of bread? Jesus displayed selflessness, which is something that has gotten lost through the years.

Maybe it’s the athletes these days. They’ve been considered role models for generations. And with each new generation athletes seem to care less and less about the team aspect of sports. If a star player is an unbelievable scorer, 7 out of 10 times he’s not passing the ball to his teammates. He’s more concerned about padding his own stats, and making himself look good, that he misses out on the blessings of winning championships. Once their careers are over, they wonder why the teams they were apart of, never reach their full potential. Maybe if they had lifted their teammates up to their level, instead of keeping their teammates at arm’s length, blessings would’ve come to them. No, they choose to be about themselves, instead of the team. Now they have to live with “but”. He was a great player “but”. She was an amazing athlete “but”. You never want a “but” to ruin your legacy.

So in closing I say we need to stop the selfishness, and get back to what God intended for us to do…being like him. And being like him means lifting one another and not just ourselves. We need to build up our fellow man, and enemies, instead of bringing them down. They have to earn it themselves but you can offer them the advice they need to get there. There’s only one way to get where we want to go, and that’s by following the path the Lord has set for us.

I leave you with this question. Do want to be like God, or are you just another star who won’t pass the damn ball?


Sunday Spiritual: 8/16 – Don’t Choose to be a Fool

praying_handsHow’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday? I’m great…got a good night’s sleep, and woke up with an idea that may be a complete success or utter failure. During the introduction to Da Fif I said to expect the unexpected here. We may say some things you will agree with, and others you may not. We may also delve into talk about how sexy someone is one day, and religion the next. Well, today is the day we’ll talk about religion. Better yet, today is the day I’ll bring up religion. Depending upon the response, I may do this again.

In church before a minister gives his sermon, he takes you through the text he’s covering and also drops a title for his sermon. I’m no preacher, and I don’t pretend to be. But I’d like to incorporate some of their style into this blog so bare with me.

A lot of people say, in order to understand the present, you first have look to the past. So that’s what I want to do today. And what better way to do than to look at our origin. Let’s look at the very beginning of the human race, in the first book of Moses.

Text: Genesis 3: 1-19

Don’t Choose to Be a Fool

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have everything you could ever dream of? I know I have. I’d love to live in a world where I don’t have to wonder if the shady looking character walking past me is going to do me harm, or if the economy will recover soon. I can’t imagine that kind of place but it once existed. Adam and Eve lived in paradise where all living creatures lived in perfect harmony. There were no worries, insecurities, or even unhappiness. They literally had it all. And all God asked in return was that they to comply with one rule, don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

God could’ve easily prevented Adam and Eve from ever eating the forbidden fruit. But he wanted to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves, whether they wanted to obey him, or give into the temptation and curiosity placed before them by Satan. As expected, Satan played on Eve’s natural greed, promising she’d become a god if she disobeyed the Lord’s wishes. Eve chose to sin and Adam followed suit. By eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve changed the course of history, and how we live our lives today.

Look at the society we live in today. A lot of what goes on in the world today, can all be traced back to Adam and Eve’s transgression. We have a choice to the follow the laws set forth by our government. I don’t agree with most laws but they’re there. Whether it’s as small as downloading music off the internet, or as major as taking another person’s life, we voluntarily decide to live on the wrong side of the law. And like Adam and Eve we’re punished accordingly.

Michael Vick is a prime example of what happens when you put greed before the Lord. Wouldn’t you say he had it all? He was one of the highest paid players in the NFL, as well as the most popular amongst fans. But instead of choosing to be content with what the Lord blessed him with, he wanted to live on the edge. He wanted to test the boundaries set for us by laws. Rather than loving the animal known as man’s best friend, he chose to treat them cruelly. Murdering poor defenseless animals cost him everything. He lost his money and his freedom. Until the day he dies he will be known as the man who wet down dogs and electrocuted them.   

There’s nothing like the love of God though. Despite all the sins and crimes this man committed, God never gave up on Vick. Vick has appeared remorseful, and a changed man thanks to his time in prison. And he’s getting his 2nd chance to live his life the way the Lord sees fit. The Philadelphia Eagles are giving this man the chance to redeem his playing career, and the Humane Society is providing him with an outlet to help convince children not to make some of the choices he’s made in his past. That’s God’s love in action, allowing this man to make amends for his wrong doings. What happens next is up to Vick. As long as he chooses to abide by God’s rules, he’ll be okay. If not, I’d hate to see what else he could lose.

In closing, I hope that you all got the point I was trying to make. We control our own destiny. The choices made today effect the way our lives are tomorrow. Trust in the Lord and his word, and you will prosper. Choosing not to follow God’s rules has its consequences. Choose wisely, and don’t choose to be a fool.


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