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Live Blog: 2009 NFL Draft

2009-draft-300I decided to try something I’ve never done before and that’s do a live blog. So for the next 4-5 hours, I’ll be in front of my laptop following the NFL Draft and giving you my opinion on certain picks. I’ll also try to keep you updated on the speculation and moves made during the first round.

Before we get started I have to send a shout out to my boy Michael Oher from Ole Miss. If you’re looking for a player to root for today, he’s the perfect choice. Coming up from the same North Memphis neighborhoods as I did, he’s worked his way up to being a potential top 15 selection today. Incase you haven’t heard his story, here are a couple clips you should look over.

Be sure to check back for updates.

3:06 pm/ct


Surprise, surprise…Stafford the #1 pick for the Lions. I know they were obligated to take a QB, but I would’ve gone with Sanchez. In the two years I really watched Georgia games, I never looked at Stafford and considered him the top pick. Far too many times he overthrew his receivers or to a side of the field there no one was around. He might look like a future NFL star in workouts, but on the field…not so much.




The Rams went with Jason Smith out of Baylor. It was expected, but there was some buzz going around that Sachez could’ve been an option there. Or at the very least, trade bait for thr Rams to get more pieces, which they desperately need. I’m not as big on Jason Smith as others. I never like when left tackles are compared to Orlando pace, when they weren’t being talked about as top 1st round picks, before the start of the season. Physically he looks more imposing than any other tackle in the draft this year, but only time will tell.




Tyson Jackson to the Chiefs at three….what are they thinking? In a week Jackson has gone from the 15-20 range, to the 3rd pick? Yes, he’s a hustle guy, but if you’re a DE going in the top 5, you have to be able to get to the quarterback. That’s the glaring whole in Jackson’s game. He will give the Chiefs some added help against the run, maybe his presence will compliment Hali and Dorsey, freeing them up to get to the QB.


3:36 pm/ct

Seattle just got the best player in the draft. Lining Aaron Curry beside Lofa Tatupu makes up for what Seahawks lost in the Julian Peterson trade a month ago. Can’t wait to see what this guy can do at this level. He  was never asked to rush the passer at Wake Forest, but he is more than capable of doing so. If they address their defensive line later in the draft, you might see the Seahawks being a more difficult team to run on.


Apparently, the Jets just made a trade with the Browns. This has to be for Sanchez.. Can’t wait to see what they gave up. But this was the move the Jets had to make. Rex Ryan has been building that defense through free agency, and they’re gonna run the ball more under Ryan. QB was the only position they could target in the draft.


And you have to love the Jets fans’ reaction to seeing Sanchez putting on the Jet’s cap. Some love it, and others hate it. You can’t go wrong with the Jets fans. My only question is, when a majority of the Jets fans cheer during the draft, does that spell trouble for Sanchez? Will the football gods strike down on the Jets again? Only time will tell.




Jets get the 5th pick but gave up their 1st, 2nd, and 3 of Mangini’s old players.




The Bengals drafted what might be the the takle with the most upside. Andre Smith’s problems have lied in his off the field conduct.


But what the hell is Al Davis thinking. You know that no one in his fronts office would be stupid enough to draft Darius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree. Just because this kid ran the fastest forty time, doesn’t make him the best receiver in the draft. That is so freaking stupid. This is almost as idiotic as taking Jarmarcus Russell with the first pick two years ago because he can throw the damn ball 60 yards sitting on his ass. Somebody needs to put Al’s senile ass in a retirement home. As long as he is in control of that franchise, they will continue to pick in the top 10 each year.


4:10 pm/ct


The raiders really  screwed this draft for everyone. I don’t think anyone has recovered yet. Eugene Monroe is headed to Jacksonville. Good pick for the Jags, but someone should teach Eugene how to act at the draft. When the commish announces that you’vce been picked, hand up the phone and get off your ass so you can get your pose on.


Packers took B.J. Raji, but I think they should’ve gone with Michael Oher. Raji seems like he has bust potential. Not because the talent isn’t there, but he’s had trouble keeping his weight under control (damn…I’m having one of those pot & kettle moments). And he’s also missed time during college due to academics. That lack of dedication to his studies would worry me more than the drug test he failed during his time at BC.


4:27 pm/ct

Crabtree to San Fran was expected. The coveted him leading up to the draft, and my some miracle he fell to them. The Niners were in the perfect place at the perfect time.


Aaron Maybin to the Bills…fast guy but onl;y did it for a year.


So happy to see Knowshon picked so high and headed to Denver. Didn’t really expect to see him off the board until the early 20s.


Orakpo over Oher is not a smart pick by the Redskins. Defensive end is the deepest position in this draft, and they could’ve found a solid pass rusher in the 2nd round.


I love seeing Malcolm Jenkins being selected by the Saints. They’ll more than likely move him to safety, so that reduces the chance of speedy receivers exploiting his lack of top end speed. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll play free or strong safety.


5:30 pm/ct


The  Texans are continuing to build up their defense through the draft. Three years ago it was Mario Williams and Ryans, then Okoye the next year, and now Brian Cushing from USC. The Texans are slowly stockpiling elite prospects, and look like the team that will make that leap into the playoffs this year.


Larry English looks like he’s going to be that special hybrid all the 3-4 defensive teams are looking for.


Now to the biggest turd laid in the first round. It was made by none other than my ex-beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  They traded up to select a player they could’ve traded into the 2nd round to get. Josh Freeman is going to be a humongous bust. Everyone compares him to Big Ben, but Freeman isn’t an accurate passer. Ben knows how to hit his receivers in the right positions, while Freeman over/under threw his receivers. He has the physical tools to be a monster, but he has the brains of a squirrel on crack. I’ve seen nothing from this guy that tells me he’s worth the 19th pick. I will have an announcement at some point tomorrow. So be sure to check back for it.


Honestly,. I don’t know who else has been picked since then. The Bucs screwed my brain up with that pick. We just picked our Jamarcus Russell.


Well, Minnesota just picked Percy Harvin. Never pick a Florida WR. Especially don’t pick one with questions about his durability and character. He was explosive in college, but he’s as risky of a pick as anyone in the draft this year.




The Ravens traded up and got arguably the best tackle in the draft. Michael Oher is going to dominate up there in Baltimore. Did you hear his interview? That’s confidence, homie. I’m partial to this pick since his adoptive dad is the tv analyst for the Grizzlies. He’s a good man, and he and his wife have done a great job molding Michael into the man he is.


6:30 pm/ct


That’s the end of the first round and this blog, ,although some would say it really ended after the Bucs pick, and I agree with them. I need some me time.


Holla at ya boy!


*head nod*


Legs, Hips, & Redbones….OooWEE!


 Like most men out there, I’m not interested in ladies’ pro sports unless there’s eye candy that entices me to check it out. That’s kinda funny considering I’m such a big fan of women’s college hoops. Most players peak in college,  having their one shining moment be a first round upset over a top 5 powerhouse. Then there are those serious ballers who eventually take their game to the WNBA. But the ones who are unforgettable are the cuties with the sweet jump shots, and “OooWEE” big booty princesses who dominate the glass.

I wanna pay homage to 5 draftees in last week’s WNBA draft. For four years these ladies left it all on the court, and looked good while doing so. So here’s my nickel bag.


5. 27th pick – Atlanta Dream – Jessica Morrow, G/F, Baylor 


Jessica Morrow is real cutie with a smile that makes you wanna open your checkbook. She’s also a self-proclaimed “girly girl”. Damn, I sound like I’m auctioning her off on some dating show. Anyway, you have to love girl who went from a streaky shooter at the start of her career, to a defensive stalwart by the end of her senior year. Her coach challenged her to match her effort on the offensive end, by becoming the team’s defensive stopper. Night after night ol’ girl had to guard the opposing team’s best player. I for one like a woman who puts the team’s best interest above her own. You can never go wrong with a team player.   

 click thumbnail for larger image

image_85219061 199a221b391 6534391 wbkb-b12tourn-march091

4. 13th pick – L.A. Sparks – Lindsay Wisdon-Hylton, F, Purdue


Legs…Lindsay has some legs on her. She’s a cute redbone too, but those legs are her prize asset. I just wanna grab one of those drumsticks and hold on tight. Although the experience would be memorable, things probably won’t end well since she’s as tough as her close friend, Candace Parker. After sitting out the 2007-08 season recovering from ACL surgery, she returned to the court to solidify her place amongst college basketball’s elite. Leading a team in scoring, rebounding, block shots, and field goal percentage is no laughing matter. I think highly of Lindsay’s game, and can’t wait to see a Parker/Wisdom-Hylton duo in the future.


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85868647JP21_WNBA_DRAFT 85868670JG017_WNBA_DRAFT_PORTRAITS WNBA Draft Basketball NCAA Purdue Basketball 300h

3. 6th pick – Indiana Fever – Briann January, G, Arizona St.


Briann is fine. I don’t know a better way of putting it than that. I mean….she’s damn fine. It’s hard to tell through the baggy ass jersey shorts, but she’s got thick hips and a big ol’ booty. Her game is just as nice as her body. She has nice ball handling skills, and a sick hesitation move that leads to a nice pull up jumper that I swear, reminds me of what I saw Derrick Rose put on dudes in college last year. When she goes to her left and pulls up, it’s going down more times than not. Something else I love about her game is that she’s a beast on defense, winning Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year the last two years. I will be keeping an eye on Fever games if she wins the starting point job.

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85868670JG006_WNBA_DRAFT_PORTRAITS WNBA Draft Basketball act_briann_january2 hbjengwgphbsyyc_20090329213909 030509-january

1a. & 1b. 2nd pick – Washington Mystics – Marissa Coleman and

3rd pick – Chicago Sky – Kristi Toliver



I wanted to split these two up, but the more I thought about it, they’ve been so well together so I couldn’t. Marissa & Kristi are two pretty ass redbones that went to Maryland four years ago and changed the culture up there. I don’t think I’ve seen a more gritty and explosive backcourt in women’s college ball. Their games complimented each other so well.

Marissa’s a Paul “The Truth” Pierce type player. It’s crazy how much she reminds me of him. They’re both passionate and can score anywhere on the floor, in a variety of ways.  I might catch some flack for this, but Marissa’s probably a more tenacious rebounder than Truth is. Some nights she struggled knocking down shots, but made up for it by snagging as many boards as she could.

Kristi is a straight up killer on the court. I have mad love for her game because it’s not easy to find a player like her. She’s a pure shooter with nice handles, and has that Jordan mentality of wanting to snatch your heart out. I caught a few Terps games over the years, and there was calmness about her game, almost like she was playing pick-up ball out there. And that step back jumper of hers will put you sleep. You know it’s coming, but the setup and release are so quick that you don’t have time to recover. She’s gonna give opposing point guards fits at the next level.

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WNBA Draft Basketball 20090305-002824-pic-113362764 Maryland Super Seniors Basketball ph2009033104147 coleman_gallery1_400 85868670JG005_WNBA_DRAFT_PORTRAITS 

coleman_tmobile_625_090410 marissa__skirt toliver_gallery1_400 85868670JG011_WNBA_DRAFT_PORTRAITS WNBA Draft 85868647JP004_WNBA_DRAFT

So there’s the fresh crop of dimes entering the WNBA this season. Some will make a splash right away; others may take longer to blossom. Butone thing is certain…they’re gonna look good no matter what.


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