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Flashback Friday – 1/22/10

Happy Friday All! After paying tribute to the late Teddy Pendergrass last week, I am back to throwing some random old school Hip Hop and R&B at you all this week. Today’s blog features old cuts from Cherrelle, Cece Peniston, Donell Jones, Joe Public and Yo-Yo. As I was looking up these videos and actually listening to the content, it actually made me sad about today’s music. If you’ve read my old blog, “Will Work For Good Music”, you’ll understand why. I mean, the beats from the past might not be as hot in some cases, but the lyrical content was about something at least! I digress. For example, Donell Jones’ song ‘Where I Wanna Be’ was real talk. Saying he’d rather leave the woman he was with because there were too many temptations facing him, but instead of cheating, he broke up with her. Even though it hurt her and him, he still ended up coming back. after he “sowed his royal oats”, lol.  How many folks do you know who have been in that situation? (BTW-I still believe that Mr. Jones is very underrated…where are all my Donell fans at?! )And Joe Public’s song talking about living and learning. Nobody does that anymore. They make mistakes…..and then make them again for whatever reason. No learning whatsoever. Smh. Then we have Yo-Yo telling dudes they can’t play with her “yo-yo”. I think y’all are smart enough to know what she’s talking about. This was like a the ladies anthem when it came out. Tellin the fellas at the clubs and parties that if you touch my “yo-yo” without consent, I’m stompin you out!  Haha. Anyway, please enjoy these old school tunes and take a second to vote, suggest and comment on them. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

*Exits Outta The Firescape*

Cherrelle – Everything I Miss At Home (1988)

Cece Peniston – Keep On Walkin (1991)

Donell Jones – Where I Wanna Be (1999)

Joe Public – Live and Learn (1992)

Yo-Yo – You Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo (1993)


Flashback Friday – 10/30

DFF_FF_longHappy Friday All! It’s Halloween Eve, so I should post some scary songs for the occasion, but I think Tone Loc’s voice is scary enough, so I’ll leave well enough alone. I have posted up, as I have done every Friday since late April, five random Hip Hop and R&B videos that must be at least 10 years old. Today, Jody Watley, Kool Mo Dee, Next, Monica and the aforementioned Tone Loc grace this Friday’s blog. I actually posted Monica today because I was watching a little bit of her Keyshia Colesque reality show in BET called “Still Standing”, which is also the title of her upcoming unreleased album. I remember the song I posted by her in particular as  kinda of anthem for all PMSing females– real talk, lol. I would love Monica’s videos because she always had the cutest dudes in them, haha. I admittedly always thought the song I posted by Next was corny, but I put it up because it got tons of spins when it was released, so thats why its up, lol. Please enjoy the rest of the videos I didn’t speak on, as well as commenting, voting and suggesting. Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend and as always, have a blessed one. I’m out! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love(1987)

Kool Mo Dee – I Go To Work (1989)

Monica – (Don’t Take It Personal) Just One Of Dem Days  (1995)

Next – Butta Love (1996)

Tone Loc – Wild Thing (1989)


Flashback Friday – 10/16

Happy Friday All! I don’t know which parts of the world all 14 of my readers are viewing this blog from, (I picked up two more….yeah! *smile*) but over here in MD its getting cold outside, so I hope those of you who can feel me, are sitting somewhere  working, studying or chilling with the heat on this Friday afternoon. Today’s Flashback Friday features random songs from Ahmad, Jagged Edge, Public Enemy, Run DMC and Whitney Houston. What’s funny is that as many times as I’ve heard and referred to the song “Back In The Day” by Ahmad, I never the name of the artist who made the song–all I knew was the song, lol. Amongst Public Enemy, Run DMC and Whitney Houston, I could pick any song for them and I really couldn’t go wrong. They are all pioneers of the industry and have been honored as such since the early 80’s when they all debuted. Last week I posted a song from ‘pre-pedo’ R. Kelly and today I will be posting a song from Whitney’s ‘pre-crack’ era before she met Bobby Brown and was on top of the R&B game. With that said, I’m outta here so that you can listen, vote, comment and suggest! Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Ahmad – Back In The Day (1994)

Jagged Edge – Gotta Be (1998)

Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It (1991)

Run DMC – Walk This Way (1986)

Whitney Houston – You Give Good Love (1983)


Flashback Friday 10/09

DFF_FF_longHappy Friday All! Good afternoon/good morning depending on where you are. Its me again, doing what I do every Friday for my faithful followers. I think the tally is up to about 12 now? Haha. Today’s blog features five more randomly chosen songs which are of course, at least a decade old.  Posted up today are selections from Craig Mack, En Vogue, R. Kelly, Leaders Of The New School and Teena Marie (by request). Speaking of Teena Marie, she is a true vet who is still doing her thing  producing music in the new millennium–all the while without seeming to age a bit. For any interested fans, she recently released an album, ‘Congo Square’, this summer in celebration of her 30th year in the music biz. Now when it came to selecting a song for R. Kelly, I wanted to make sure it was pre-pedo Kells and not post-pedo. I’m sorry, I know he was never convicted of any of the allegations he faced but I refused to post his hit song ‘Bump N Grind’, strictly because of the intro to the song. “My minds telling me nooooooo, but my body….my body’s telling me yesssssss!” While it is a classic slow jam, I had to pass. That lyric has guilty written all over it considering the charges he faced, lol. Regardless, R. Kelly the artist/producer himself has put out plenty of classics over the years, so he will get his due here on Da Fif Floor. Anyone who may be a little mad at me because I posted the remix of Craig Mack’s ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ and not the original, I apologize. I had to include it because it featured my man Biggie (RIP) and LL Cool J, whom I still have  a crush (with his hat on, thanks) on after all these years, :D. Alright people, its been real. Time for me to go and leave you to listen to today’s postings. As always, please enjoy, comment, suggest and vote. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear Remix (1994)

En Vogue – Hold On (1990)

R. Kelly – Honey Love (1993)

Leaders Of The New School – Sobb Story (1991)

Teena Marie – Square Biz (1981)


Flashback Friday 10/02


Happy Friday All! Its Friday!! Meaning the weekend is here and I’m posting old, random videos again, whether you listen to them or not! Lol.  I’ve posted the ultimate Friday video this week though: Johnny Kemp’s  Just Got Paid. “Just got paid….Friday night….Party huntin’…..Feelin right…..” So who’s goin out tonight?? ;). That goes along with Bobby Brown, Heavy D & The Boyz, MC Lyte and Rude Boys. I decided to include MC Lyte in this week’s blog, but not necessarily the song I put up. I was looking for Paper Thin, so I’ll blame Youtube for that. Has anybody seen Heavy D’s lastest video lately? He ain’t so Heavy anymore. Dude was workin it out with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Celebrity Fit Club….somebody. He has definitely slimmed down. I hardly recognized him. Enough with the commentary. Please enjoy, vote, comment, suggest and enjoy a blessed weekend. 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Bobby Brown-Prerogative (1988)

Heavy D  & The Boyz – Somebody For Me (1989)

*Johnny Kemp- Just Got Paid (1988)

*Actual video

MC Lyte – Poor Georgie (1991)

Rude Boys – Its Written All Over Your Face (1990)


Flashback Friday – 9/25


Happy Friday All! Time for me help you get through the day with some throwback Hip Hop and R&B, as you agonizingly watch the clock every3 minutes til go time, lol. Today features songs from Babyface, Doug E. Fresh, Janet Jackson, Junior M.A.F.I.A. and The Firm. Ya know what? I’m not even going talk anymore, cause I gotta run, lol, so I’m just going to  get out of your way and let you get to listening to the songs I’ve posted for the day. Please don’t forget to vote, comment, suggest and pass this on. Oh and have a blessed weekend! 😀

*Exits outta the firescape*

Babyface – Soon As I Get Home (1989)

Doug E. Fresh  – The Show (1985)

Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (1986)

Junior M.A.F.I.A. – Get Money (1996)

The Firm – Phone Tap (1997)


Flashback Friday – 8/21


Happy Friday All! I am coming  to you from Myrtle Beach, SC and my trip is quickly coming to an end *sigh*. I’m showing my dedication by still posting this blog for my 5 loyal listeners *lol* because I’m on vacation and don’t have to do a damn thing if I don’t want to, :P! Today, I bring you songs from House Of Pain, Miche’le, Sounds Of Blackness, Total and Usher. I gotta say that “Can’t You See” by Total featuring Biggie is a song that still gets constant rotation on my iPod. That song just reminds me of my middle/high school days, along with Many Ways. Something In My Heart and Optimistic are songs I heard very recently and forgot all about, so I figured I’d post em up. I must say, it was cute seeing a teenage Usher  trying to break onto the scene with the video I provided today. He still looks like the same Usher. Just a lil more grown up, more abs, more hair, one less ex-wife and 2 less children, lol. Please enjoy these five songs, comment, vote, suggest and pass it on. Have a blessed weekend!

*Exits outta the firescape*

House of Pain – Jump Around (1992)

Miche’le – Something In My Heart( 1989)

Sounds Of Blackness – Optimistic (1991)

Total – Can’t You See (1995)

Usher – Many Ways  (1995)


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