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Flashback Friday – 1/1/2010 – Songs From 2000-2009

Happy Friday and Happy New Year All! I could start this blog of by giving you all a bunch of cliche sayings and advice for heading into the new year, but ain’t nobody tryna hear alllllllll that anymore! Lol. I could’ve just gone back to posting a bunch of old school videos like normal, especially since I can now add songs that came out in 2000 since they’re now technically and officially 10 years old now, but I decided to just randomly post up a handful of songs that I like or love that were released in the last decade from the year 2000-2009.  Now, I realize that I could’ve dissected the last decade of music, really analyzed and picked 5 songs that maybe inspired or shaped Hip Hop and R&B but that would’ve taken darn near forever and I don’t have that much time, lol. So with that said– at random, today’s blog features songs from Alicia Keys, Beyonce, India Arie, Jay-Z and Kanye West. I don’t wanna hear any crap about Jay-Z being washed up and Kanye being a crazy, controversial bag of douche or how Alicia and Beyonce should take their R&B beef to a wrestling ring. So please just enjoy these randomly selected songs from a decade past and take a minute to vote, suggest and comment on the blog.  Have a blessed weekend and new year! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Alicia Keys – Fallin (2001)

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Beyonce – Me, Myself & I (2003)

India Arie – Ready For Love (2000)

Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss (2002)

Kanye West – Jesus Walks (2004)


We’re Painting Da Fif Floor Green-Earth Day 2009

earth-dayIf you weren’t already aware, today is Earth Day. A day to celebrate the planet we all live and breathe on and find new ways to protect and improve the environment. The occupants here at Da Fif Floor do have a conscience. We recycle Hawaiian Punch cans and bottles with the best of them.  We keep the television off for several hours a day to conserve energy. When the NBA playoffs aren’t on that is. And we leave the radio off-because like I said before in my other entry-it sucks. So in honor of Earth Day 2009, we’re going to leave you with some helpful tips and hints to keep us all from creating an even bigger hole in that ozone layer most of us haven’t talked about since the fifth grade. These tips, hints and more are courtesy of Yahoo!

Source: Pick Your Green Battles

The sheer number of “green” choices we can make is astounding. And, since it’s totally overwhelming (not to mention impossible) to try to do everything, it makes sense to stop worrying about the stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter.

Instead focus on the areas where your actions will make the most difference. Making changes in what you eat, the way you get around, and how you use energy at home (and work) will have the biggest impact on the planet.

That’s not to say that small things don’t add up. They do, but some count more than others.

Don’t stress about these three classic choices because they don’t make much of a difference:

  • Cloth or disposable diapers? All diapers have an environmental impact. Disposable diapers are often bleached with chlorine (a highly polluting process) and ultimately end up clogging landfills. Cloth diapers are typically made from conventional cotton and require energy, water, and (sometimes) harsh detergents to wash them. There are greener alternatives, such as organic cotton cloth diapers and disposables that forgo the chlorine bleach, but in general, one choice is not better than the other so pick what’s convenient for you.
  • Paper or plastic bag? Like diapers, it’s a toss up. Producing paper bags is energy and water intensive. Plastic bags are made from oil and can harm wildlife when they make their way into large bodies of water. Unlike diapers, there’s another choice you can make: Carry your own reusable bag when you can. Not your thing? Reuse or recycle that bag when you’re done with it and move onto something else.
  • Disposable cup or ceramic mug? It’s not a “major sin against the environment to use an occasional paper or plastic cup,” according to The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice From the Union of Concerned Scientists. The group says throwaway cups take up little space in landfills and don’t require much energy to make. But, it says, you shouldn’t be wasteful just because a “few dozen (or even a couple of hundred) disposable cups a year will have little environmental impact.” The upshot? Use that mug when you can (especially at work or home), but don’t feel guilty when you can’t.

Instead, focus your time and energy on these more important actions which will benefit the planet and save you money:

  • Eat less meat. Raising livestock is one of the most significant contributors to a long list of environmental problems from climate change to deforestation to water pollution. No one is suggesting you go vegan, but anything you can do to cut back on meat will make a big difference. Start by trimming down your portion size to about three ounces (the size of a deck of playing cards), suggests Aaron Huertas at The Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Take good care of your car. Tuning up your engine, replacing your air filters and motor oil regularly, and keeping your tires properly inflated will improve your car’s fuel economy by 8% to 20%, according to Jenny Powers at the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • Make changes in how you do your laundry. Wash your clothes in cold water. Up to 90 percent of the energy used for washing clothing goes to heating water, according to the Department of Energy. Rack up even more savings by air-drying some of your clothing.

Want to do more (or something different)?

  • Anything you can do to drive less or more efficiently will make a difference. Bundle errands, shop online, walk, bike, and take public transportation whenever you can. Try carpooling or telecommuting once a week. When it’s time to buy a new car, purchase the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the class of car you need.
  • There are countless ways you can save energy (and money) at home. Here’s a short list of free and low-cost ways to make a difference (in order from least to most impact): Turn out unneeded lights, unplug an extra fridge, use the energy-saving mode on appliances, install a programmable thermostat, seal large air leaks, or add insulation to your attic.

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