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Flashback Friday – 12/4 – Christmas Edition Pt.1

Happy Friday All!! I’m not sure about you all, but its hard for me to believe its December already. And for me, the very first day of December marks the beginning of the Christmas season instantly, therefore its only right that for the next four Fridays, I post some throwback Christmas songs to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Cool? Cool. Today’s blog has songs from the Jackson 5, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC and Whitney Houston. Everyone knows that every artists loves to remake classic Christmas tunes, so excuse me if you hear a few renditions on the same song from different artists over the next few weeks. Keep in mind that I usually have a 10 year old minimum with my song selections, but I might break my rule once or twice though. But this is my blog and I’ll do what I want to! Lol. For those out there who DO pay attention to this here blog, this is the perfect opportunity to suggest any of your favorite holiday songs for me to post up on the blog so get at me! Please enjoy these songs, vote, comment, suggest and add me to your shopping list. 😀 Have a blessed weekend!

*Exits outta the firescape*

Jackson 5 – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis

Stevie Wonder  – Someday At Christmas

Whitney Houston – Joy To The World


Flashback Friday – 11/27

Happy Friday All! Please forgive me for putting the blog up so late. Between the tryptophan hangover, all the cooking, cleaning and shopping I’ve done in the last 72 hours, I am running on fumes, so you can blame Thanksgiving  and Black Friday for that! I dont have much to say about the randomly selected videos I’m posting up today because, well, I’m still not fully functioning right now, lol. Today, I present to you a handful of songs some may have never heard or haven’t heard in a long time, from Boyz II Men, Changing Faces, Chi Ali, MC Breed, Nona Gaye. Just a few notes to add on the artists for today FYI. Changing Faces is making a coming back—don’t know how that come back will go, but they are, lol. Chi Ali is the little brother of Dres from the 90’s rap group “Blacksheep” (who has been featured on a past FF blog), rapper MC Breed (real name Eric Breed) passed away last year at almost this very date (11.22.08) and Nona Gaye is the daughter of the legendary singer Marvin Gaye. So if you didn’t know, now ya know. Please enjoy these songs, comment, vote and suggest. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Boyz II Men – Please Don’t Go (1993)

Changing Faces – G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. (1997)

Chi Ali – Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number (1992)

MC Breed –  Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’ (1993)

Nona Gaye – The Things That We All Do For Love (1993)


Flashback Friday – 11/20

Happy Friday All! How is everyone’s Friday going? Most likely wonderfully because it IS Friiiiiiidaaaaay after all and most likely payday! With that said, I will gladly set up an account for donations for all this internet DJing I do for y’all if you want, :D. Today’s blog features Case, Lost Boyz, Oaktown 357, Tony Terry and Warren G. Song of the day though in my opinion, goes to Oaktown 357. That beat, the rhymes, the dances, the style had me LOL and made me think, what the h*ll were they thinking?? Lol. I won’t knock it though, thats what was hot back then. And just watching the Warren G video has me realizing that Nate Dogg was the West Coast version of T-Pain back in the day. Minus the Autotune, top hat and Big A$$ Chain of course, lol. Enjoy today’s songs, vote, suggest, comment and have a blessed weekend. 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Case – Touch Me, Tease Me (1996)

Lost Boyz – Jeeps, Lex Coupes, Bimaz & Benz (1995)

Oaktown 3-5-7 – Yeah Yeah Yeah (1989)

Tony Terry – With You (1990)

Warren G – Regulate (1994)


That’s how you do it! That’s how you f*ckin do it!


Dwayne Wade held Thursday mass, when he baptized Anderson Varejao. WOW! Incase you missed it, here’s you go.

Not only was that dunk insane, but there was yet another D-Wade experience. Lebron misses a dunk on one end, and D-Wade brings the ball up the court, looks Varejao in the eyes and said, “Daddy’s home!” Varejao got sonned, and there was nothing he could do about it. If the dunk wasn’t enough, D-Wade turns to the crowd and yells, “That’s how you do it! That’s how you f*ckin do it!” Was that a shot at Bron Bron? I think so! It wasn’t malicious, just a friendly rivalry last night. One thing’s for sure, D-Wade’s dunk will live on as long as there are highlight reels.

Who had the best dunk of the NBA season thus far?

Dwayne Wade on Anderson Varejao

See above

Carmelo Anthony on Paul Milsap

Will Bynum on Tyson Chandler

Andre Iguodala on the Nets


Let it Die…PLEASE!


I hope this is the last time any of us have to think about Kanye’s VMA fiasco. After two months, it’s safe to say the joke is over done. There’s a saying in the urban community, something’s cool until the white folks start using it. During the Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley did a bit where they talked about their favorite music videos, when Grand Ole Opry Legend, Little Jimmy Dickens pulled a “Kanye”.


Old people make me laugh so it’s kinda funny. Little Jimmy is nearly 90 year olds and looks to be a foot shorter than Carrie Underwood. Props to the CMAs for a fun time indeed. But at some point we have to move on from this joke so the healing process can begin. No one in pop and country music is bigger than Taylor Swift right now. I’d like to see a moment where she doesn’t have to be reminded of Kanye every time she’s interviewed or recognized for her accomplishments. Let Taylor do her thing and Kanye get some help.


Flashback Friday – 11/13


Happy Friday All!  I have just four words to say: The weekend is here. That is all. Enjoy the songs folks–gotta run! Y’all know the drill; five old school Hip Hop and R&B songs chosen at random for your reminiscing and listening pleasure. Please listen, vote, comment and suggest as always. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

*Exits outta the firescape*

Johnny Gill – My My My (1990)

Kid N Play – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody (1991)

Luniz – I Got Five On It (1995)

Redhead Kingpin – Do The Right Thing (1989)

Sade –  No Ordinary Love (1992)


I’m Man Enough to Admit When I’m Wrong


When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And when you’re right, you’re right. I try to be right more often than not, but on those rare occurrences when I am wrong, I have no issue admitting my mistakes. If you’ve followed The 5th Floor from the beginning, you may remember my attempt to blog live, during this year’s NFL Draft. I was doing a nice job, if I say so myself. Still, my coverage went out the window when the Bucs traded from the 19th pick to 17th, to draft QB Josh Freeman of Kansas State. At the time I was critical of the selection. Alright, I flat out blew a gasket. I was steamed over the pick. Freeman never proved himself on the college level. So maybe the following reaction was a bit premature.

Now to the biggest turd laid in the first round. It was made by none other than my ex-beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  They traded up to select a player they could’ve traded into the 2nd round to get. Josh Freeman is going to be a humongous bust. Everyone compares him to Big Ben, but Freeman isn’t an accurate passer. Ben knows how to hit his receivers in the right positions, while Freeman over/under threw his receivers. He has the physical tools to be a monster, but the brains of a squirrel on crack. I’ve seen nothing from this guy that tells me he’s worth the 19th pick. I will have an announcement at some point tomorrow. So be sure to check back for it.

Honestly, I don’t know who else has been picked since then. The Bucs screwed my brain up with that pick. We just picked our Jamarcus Russell.

And as some of you may remember, my announcement wasn’t pleasant either.

After leading the Bucs to their first win of the season, and snapping an 11 game losing streak, let me officially “apolo-“ to Josh Freeman and the Bucs organization. Only “apolo-“ because I’ll be damned if I take back everything I said. Although I was astonished by Freeman’s progression from college waste to NFL starter, there were still red flags popping up about his game. Like I said back in April, his accuracy is an issue. Freeman completed 43% of his passes during Sunday’s win, and there were several times he didn’t put the ball where it needed to be. His receivers had their share of drops but there were plays where if he had better touch on the ball, the endzone was there for the taking. Also let’s not forget he was a holding call and Al Harris drop from throwing picks in back to back plays. Call me a hater or any other name that comes to mind but someone has to play devil’s advocate and put a little perspective on the young man’s play.


Now that the negatives are out the way it’s time for the Bucs fan in me come out for a minute. If the kid cleans up his accuracy, he’s got the tools to be a franchise quarterback. Those comparisons to Roethlisberger came to light during the game. One of the commentators mentioned how Freeman looked like a young Big Ben out there. For ONE game I saw it too. His pocket awareness was magnificent. Feeling pressure from your blindside is one of the hardest aspects of being a successful NFL QB. In his first start, Freeman picked up the pressure, after seemingly ever breakdown in protection. Usually you see a young QB handle pressure by tucking the ball and running, Freeman’s predecessor did it repeatedly during his starts. Freeman on the other hand remained calm and used his feet to move the pocket and extend plays downfield. Each time he scrambled, my eyes were locked in on the position of his head, to see if he ever took his eyes off his playmakers. The kid never did. He manipulated the scramble the way you want your QB to.

All in all, a great one game performance for Josh Freeman considering it was is first start. I’ve never been excited about a 1-7 team until now. Watching Freeman play will keep me glued to Bucs game for the rest of the year. Who knows, maybe he can give us Bucs fans something to look forward to in 2010. Either way, the rest of the year will be quite the ride.



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