By Crunk


Waz up world, it’s your boy Crunk coming to you from the back of an old school Cutlass Supreme, to drop a lil knowledge on Da FiF Floor. Da FiF is all about letting your voice be heard. Your message can’t reach others until you put it out there. Freedom of speech, Freedom of thought, freedom of whatever else is on your damn mind, that’s how it goes down at Da FiF.


There are no journalism majors here so if you’re hung up on proper grammar usage, then this isn’t the place for you. It’s real talk around here. There are will be times where you’ll absolutely love us, and others when you’ll wanna lynch us. Then there are those times where you won’t give a damn either way. But one thing that will never change is the honesty you’ll find here.


Until it’s posted, we never know what ww discuss here at Da FiF. We might talk about an insane dunk by Lebron one day and the impact religion has on our lives the next. Spontaneity, that’s how you keep things fresh.


And before we get comments asking why our logo has only 4 fingers, here’s a look into how we do it on Da FiF.



Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading.


*Head nod*


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